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Final Guitar 3D

Guitar 3D

Guitar 3D is a revolutionary way of making music and learning guitar. In 3D environment make awesome musics or accompaniments just in seconds. Compose musics, play, sing or improvise over chord progressions.

Watch the 3D character playing your music with seamless arm, hand and finger animations like a real guitarist playing in front of you.

With the advantage of real-time 3D technology, zoom or orbit around fingers to learn hundreds of chords easily.

Guitar 3D has been developed with world’s most experienced academic guitar teachers and concert guitarists!

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Guitar 3D PRO

Guitar 3D PRO

“Guitar 3D Pro is probably the best guitar teaching app I’ve ever come across in the App Store.” – appPicker

“… Guitar 3D Pro take a completely different approach, using a 3-D animated character to demonstrate arm, hand, and finger movements just like you have a real guitarist playing in front of you.” – AppAdvice

iOS exclusive “Guitar 3D”, brings an amazing 3D guitarist into your hands!

Composing music and learning guitar has never been so easy!

Just drag and drop some chords and watch the 3D character play your song with real-time animations!

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Guitar 3D - AR

Guitar 3D – AR

Guitar 3D AR is the only augmented reality supported guitar and a guitarist simulator app designed for powerful iOS devices.

Learn chords, compose your own music or make chord progressions of your favorite songs by watching a guitarist on your table or in your living room. By observing lifelike realism of correct hand and finger movements, learn hundreds of chords easily with huge fun. Live an outstanding interactive audiovisual training experience which you can never get it with photos, videos, tabs or charts. All the animations made with academic musicians!

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Guitar 3D - Chords

Guitar 3D – Chords


Hard to learn guitar chords with photos or videos? Need to see the finger positions from different angles?… Then come and enjoy learning basic guitar chords with real-time 3D interactivity. Observe the correct finger movements between chord changes.

Download Basic Guitar Chords 3D on App Store! Download Basic Guitar Chords 3D on Mac App Store! Download Basic Guitar Chords 3D on Google Play!

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Flexy Drums

Flexy Drums

Sick of drums which are too small or in wrong place for your fingers? Flexy Drums is the best mobile drums you have been looking for. Customize the position and scale of each drum part for your finger drumming needs. Play, record and enjoy improving your skills without any disturbing Ads. Flexy Drums is a free app but some in-app features such as Save, Load and Export to MIDI will require payment.

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